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Geneva /Bonne 27-28 January 2018

ESAAM executive board meeting

Participants: Ghislaine Beilin, Arseniy Trukhanov, Svetlana Trofimova, Michael Papacharalambous , Alexander Trofimov ( represent Oleg Ivko)


1. Report of the President of ESAAM for 2017 activities and financial status.

2. Presentation of First Vice- President Arseniy Trukhanov for functional structure of ESAAM in 2018 and directions for main scientific and educational activities.

3. Report of General secretary Svetlana Trofimova on the results of the last ESAAM congress in St- Peterburg in 2016.

4. Report of Vice- President and Treasurer Michael Papacharalambous on the financial and juridical status of ESAAM , proposal for participating in Greece gerontological Congress in 29-31 March 2018 and 6 ESAAM congress in Abano- Therme( Italy) in November 2018 ( on behalf of AMIA President Damiano Galimberty ).

5. Report on the status of ESAAM web.site and IT activities by Alexander Trofimov( on behalf of Oleg Ivko.

Main topics of the Meeting:

1. Ghislaine Beilin informed about participation of ESAAM in 2017 in 5 CC Barcelona Congress( September) and AntiAge symposium in Abano-Therme and meeting with AMIA management and Damiano Galimberti for organization of next ESAAM congress in 2018. G.B. Informed about opening of a new AntiAge and aesthetic medicine clinic in Paris in July 2017 and her interview for FIGARO magazine and her last visit with educational course to Beirut ( Lebanon ) January 2018.

2. Arseniy Trukhanov presented the new function structure of ESAAM executive board for 2018: President Ghislaine Beilin - strategic policy for ESAAM activities and congresses, educational courses, cooperation with Industry; First Vice- President Arseniy Trukhanov - directions of scientific activities, concept for ESAAM sertificates ( AAM Clinic, AAM product, AAM Investor), coordination of Info presentation of ESAAM activities on the web. Site with Oleg Ivko, Svetlana Trofimova , General Secretary- personal membership in ESAAM in cooperation with ESAAM web. Site management team, sertificates for ESAAM AAM Product; Vice- president Michael Papacharalambous - Western Europe national Societies membership, financial operations; Oleg Ivko, Vice- President - Eastern European and Asian countries participation, management of ESAAM web. Site and social media, publications of ESAAM reports.

3. Road Map of operational ESAAM activities for January - March 2018 was discussed by GB, AT, MP. The most urgent - ESAAM symposium program for Greece gerontology Congress in March 29-31 of 2018.

4. Closing of the meeting. Next meeting is planned in Athens 30 March 2018 presentation of ESAAM AAM Clinic Sertificate

We are pleased to inform you that Dr.Ghislaine Beilin was elected the new president of the ESAAM!

Dear members of the ESAAM,

Dear colleague,

woman-home-pageThe executive board has elected me President of ESAAM.

It is a great honor and responsibility. All my distinguished colleagues of the board and international delegate will be involved with me in this new function.

We will support our next congress in Saint Petersburg in September 2016, the scientific level and reference of the ESAAM in preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine witch include all internal medicine specialties.

I am totally convinced of the great development of longevity medicine on life extension and his impact on the society and our patients.

I send you my best season greetings for this end of this year, and my all my wishes for an ambition and successful year for ESAAM 2016.

Sincerely your’s.

Dr. Ghislaine BEILIN

Profe s se ur Philipp e HUMBERT

Professeur des Universités, Docteur en Médecine, Docteur es Sciences
Chefde Service Directeur du lâboratoire de Biologie Cutanée Directeur du C€trtre d'Études et de Recherche sur le Tégument
Spécialiste en Dermatologie & MST, en Medecine Inteme Competent e,n Allergologie & Immunologie Clinique & en Cancâologie

Ancien president de la Commission Medicale d'Établissement du CHU, et Administrateur de I'Univ€rsité de Franche-Comté Ancien Président du Conseil Scientifique de la Faculté de Medecine et Phannacie de Besançon Ancien Conseiller de l'Ordre des Médecins du Doubs

Ancien membre expert de l'Agence du médicament (AFSSAPS)

Admidstrat€ur de la Fondation Jean Paufique, reconnue d'utilité publique
Président Honoraire de l'Intemational Society ofBiophysics and Imaging and the Skin President Honoraire de I'European Society for Cosmeic and Aesthetic Dermatology President de I'Intemational Society of Cutanoous Phafinâcology

Laurât de la Société Française de Dermatologie & de la Société Française de Cosmétologie Chevalier des Palmes Acadérniques

Dear collegues, Dear friends

First of all, I would like to express my regrets in front of the decision of Professor Zouboulis to leave Esaam Presidence

As the membor of the Esaam executive cofirmittee, I would like to thank him very much for his action he conducted during his while is President and the dynamism with which he presided our Society.

It is now the moment to have a new president. I know how expert, how credible, how dynamic and active are many of the members of the executive cornmittee.

Each of you would be and could be able to replace Professor Zouboulis

Nevertheless let me support Docteur Ghislaine Beilin who is involved in such many societies for many years. She knows everybody over the world implicated in such medical problems.

I,m sure she will be the President we need, not only to organize congress, but also to reactive our society in organizing subcommittees depending on themas.

I would be pleased to help Ghislaine should she need my experience.

I hope we could find a suitable president for our society and I express to everybody my deep respect.

Professor Ph Humbertpodpis-img

Past President of Internationalal Society of Biophysic and Imaging of the skin

President of Intemational Society of Cutaneous Pharmacological Society

Director ofthe Center for Research ofthe Tegument - Besançon - France


A new innovative field of medicine in the XXI century- anti-aging medicine aims to explain modern programmes on active longevity from a scientific point of view and to give practical recommendations for them.

The Vth European Congress on preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, which takes place on September 8-10, 2016 in Saint Petersburg, is created to unite the achievements of fundamental science and clinical practice.

Participating in the Congress will be leading experts in anti-ageing medicine Ghislaine Beilin (France), Christos Zouboulis(Germany), Francesco Romanelli (Italy), Vladimir Khavinson (Russia), Phil Micans (Great Britain), Arseniy Trukhanov (Russia), Elena Baranova (Monaco) etc. as well as scientists from Japan, China, South Korea and USA.

The Congress will be held in the form of plenary meetings and educational workshops. An exhibition on active longevity and aesthetic medicine will be organized within the framework of the Congress.

It is important to emphasize that the Vth European Congress for preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine will combine fundamental science with clinical practice, which is the main goal of every international congress!

We look forward to meeting you in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which includes over 400 monuments on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Dear friend,

I am very happy and honored to annouce you my nomination at the Presidency of ESAAM European Society Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medecine.

On behalf of the members of the executive board I send you all my best wishes for a successfull and happy New Year.

We are expecting you in our next 5th ESAAM congress in Saint Petersburg 8-10 september 2016.

Sincerely yours.
Docteur Ghislaine BEILIN

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